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Joseph David Awni's Information
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1-844-8CR-YPTO ext. 509
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Computer programmer and webmaster from Baltimore, Maryland living in Europe since a year. Specializing in crypto technology including PKI, x509, and crypto-assets like Bitcoin.

Welcome to my profile!

Who am i?

Figment, in case you didn't know, is defined as a thing that someone believes to be real but exists only in their imagination. The definition does not state that the thing does not exist. Indeed, it exists in the mind, and may, to some degree, reflect the physical world. But, a distinction is made between a thing and the idea of a thing. A thing can not exist to a human being except as an idea, and thus an imprecise mental representation of that thing. The key word of the definition is "believes." The level of correlation from figment to physical reality that one believes one has achieved is the level of belief in that figment.

You and I are not the same person. When communicating with each other, each address his/her own idea of the other persons identity. One speaks to another as much as they can imagine about another person in their head. I only exist to you as your own concept of who I am; a figment; a reflection of you. Because, what do you know besides the sum of your experiences in life? In that sense, it can be said that we are talking more to ourselves than others.

I am a reflection of you; a human being seen thru the lens of your life's experiences.

What do i do?

I make websites and computer programs

Picture of me "racking" a server in the Netherlands.
Picture of me "racking" a server in the Netherlands.

What have i done?

What do i like to do?

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